winterful oreo

Two things why I am not a winter-ful person:
1. It gets dark at 4pm
2. It is cold.
Let’s discuss reason no.2
There’s a reason why bears stuff themselves for winter
and I think I’m subconsciously trying to be a bear
It’s been raining almost everyday here
and this is the sad kinda rain
but it still makes it cold, very cold
so I cuddle up inside the house, with my laptop
browsing through awesome baking websites in one window
and watching masterchef in the other window
aaaaand in one hand [insert baked good/chocolate/anycalorificfood here]
which goes straight to my [insert body part here]
then comes regret heh (oh god why)

but I’m still baking homemade oreos sin cream filling tomorrow though wee.

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