mimosa pudica

I am terribly shy
and awkward, really awkward around big crowds and especially those of the XY chromosome
I’ve met some really interesting guys 
and of course, I don’t have the courage to say a hi-I-just-met-you-this-is-crazy-here’s-my-number-so-call-me-maybe
I thought I was just old school, you know, the guy has to make the first move etc
but no, I am the human form of a pokok semalu.

why la like that?
I sense a new bullet point for my half year resolution list.

In other news, I wish this thesis will write itself.
and I need a haircut
I look like a cavewoman
I just need a bone stuck into that mess on top of my head I call hair and I’m all set

Ugh, I do thesis. Ugh, now.


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