Disclaimer: Cheesy, mushy, emo post ahead (not in that particular order mind you)

I want to go home
I want to play my piano
I miss opening the cupboard and taking out my piano books, playing songs syok sendiri for hours and hours
I miss having my mom or dad purposely sitting at the dining table just to hear me play and requesting songs
I miss nagging my sister to do a duet/collab together (she never agrees, apparently I’m not cool enough heh, must be the age gap lol)
For me, music is my escape
I love it when a song can bring back a memory, a moment of time, a feeling
I love love watching singing reality shows, especially the awesome auditions (not the I-want-to-be-famous-for-15-mins-so-let-me-act-like-a-fool ones)
There’s that twinkle in these amateur singers eyes when they sing and just living the dream, living the moment
You just know that they are really happy, they’re literally beaming
I think it’s amazing how you can actually see and feel it
It makes me feel all fuzzy inside heh.

I still don’t know what I’ll be doing but I really, really want that twinkle.


I am forever hungry these days. It seems like the amount of things I snack on has a linear correlation with the amount of stress I’m having at the mo’. Three words I’ve been repeating to practically everybody is “This is crazy”, and three words that have been said to me more than I can count is, “You’ll be fine” (okay, so four words if you’re in pedantic mode). One word that my brain screams right after, “GAHHHHHH!”

dang son, this is crazy.


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