random hot air balloon shot @ Melbourne – Sep ’11

everytime a new iphone model comes out, I’ll find myself straying away from whatever I’m doing, right to being on the apple website 
I’ll be clicking through all the links, reading up researching the features of this new awesome shnazzy thing
comparing with the old ones, hoping that the old ones get so dirt cheap that I would just have to buy one (heh, fat chance), then I’ll move on to 3/vodafone websites to see what kind of plans they have and whether or not I can afford it (le sighs)
like today, when I am suppose to read and do my literature review draft 
here I am, drooling in awe as I watch the video featuring apple’s new baby
and fantasizing how beautiful life would be like when I have one to call my own
[insert field with flowers and cheesy song right here]
(lol, pathetic much? not to mention melodramatic)
sigh, imagine all the apps I can have *dreamy look
my sister gave a suggestion to save $20 a month and put in my ‘iphone fund box’
technically do-able of course, but by the time I have saved up enough moolah
it will be the iphone 7 or 8 (so it is realistically frustrating haha)

um okay.
dah, dah. back to work!


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