dance bug

At the moment, considering it is a Monday a.k.a not-the-most-favourite-day-of-the-week, there is absolutely nothing to watch on tv. I could do work but I’m too much in a stoned mood to do anything. Anyhoo, it is finally SPRING! and melbourne being her normal self is hormonal and pms-y at times, weather-wise that is. Things have been good (so far lah) and I still can’t believe that it is just 2 months since I’ve started. It feels like forever (and I’m not the only one who’s saying that lol). In just a few days, it will be October already (say whaaat?). In other news, my 4 year old ipod desperately (no kidding) needs new songs. I usually put my songs on shuffle so I won’t have to choose what song to listen to next but in the end I end up skipping most of the songs the whole time. Therefore (wah, so formal), defeating the purpose of the ‘shuffle’ function;

Hmm, okay. I’m pooped.
So many things to say yet so little brain cells left to think
Here’s a song to finish up this lazy post.

Damn, I really feel like dancing.


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