On my trip (lol, more like a one-whole-body-roll) back from the IT department
I discovered that these stairs, which really are the emergency exit stairs 
have the best acoustics! so much better than my current shower to sing melalak in
And hey! I found stairs! (mind you, this is a new building that I’m in)
Now, I can exercise everyday, going up and down the stairs 
and since I’m working on the 3rd floor, it will be do-able
goodbye adipose tissue! goodbye muffin top!
current activity: Eating ONE serving (5 squares)of Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut (well, trying to eat just one). These yummy squares are like magic in a box, seriously man.

It’s the ying and yang of eating. 
true story bro.

oh, mushy medley song ahead!

jeez, they have really nice teeth.


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