stripped down

I really, really, really want to see her performing live
she sounds amazing here!
not many artists can do live performances (as you may know)
and she’s just 22! just ONE year younger than me, practically the same age
so confident and so much charisma *happysigh

Okay, I’m in love.
come to melbourne adele! pretty please!


mines weeper

or mine sweeper
a game that had eluded me for AGES
but due to all my “fuh-ree” time at work last month
and also a super-quickie verbal tutorial from Atiqah 
(though she’ll probably wave off the credit kan?)
I have conquered it, weehee
I am officially (pause for legen-dary music) the mine sweeper queen
well, at least at beginner level heh.

this comic is so, so true.


On my trip (lol, more like a one-whole-body-roll) back from the IT department
I discovered that these stairs, which really are the emergency exit stairs 
have the best acoustics! so much better than my current shower to sing melalak in
And hey! I found stairs! (mind you, this is a new building that I’m in)
Now, I can exercise everyday, going up and down the stairs 
and since I’m working on the 3rd floor, it will be do-able
goodbye adipose tissue! goodbye muffin top!
current activity: Eating ONE serving (5 squares)of Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut (well, trying to eat just one). These yummy squares are like magic in a box, seriously man.

It’s the ying and yang of eating. 
true story bro.

oh, mushy medley song ahead!

jeez, they have really nice teeth.

bare necessities

It is currently 2.38 in the wee hours of the mornin’ and I am still awake
I’ve been having trouble adjusting to this new schedule of a typical 9 to 5
even though the times may vary and I might get to go back early
but everytime I get back home, I’ll be in this zombie state and I just want to sleep for a good 2-3 hours. Yeah, that’s my fix, sleep.
I swear I think I was a bear in my previous and/or other life
I would so love hibernation. Imagine, eating as much as you want and can (because it is a necessity ha!) and then sleep for a few months (ohyeah, ultimate fix)
And oh, big plus, worried about all the weight gained from the necessary eating binge? 
gone! just like that, no exercise required.
all bear desires aside (lol geddit?), 
the reason I’m really awake at this ungodly hour is that my plan of sleeping early and waking up early obviously has failed. Slept at 7.30ish and just had to wake up at 12ish (WHY)
Plan B [FAIL].
the day before was even worse, practically stuck matchsticks in my eyes to keep them open (imaginary ones) after buka, and managed to stay awake until about 9-ish pm, then *poof* fell asleep on the couch for about an hour. Plan A [FAIL]

three words, work. in. progress.

on an unrelated but sort of related note, 
I want this year to be different, not hard-different but good-different
I want to achieve something and be all proud because I did that on my own 
I think I have been complaining too much, sometimes being a bit too whiny these past few years, having bursts of under-confidence and definitely, but most importantly holding myself back.
Heck, I’m annoyed at myself.
you know what that means kids?