praaten tegen de maan

ever caught yourself saying and/or thinking, “geez, they’re so <insert race here>
or “oh my god, I am like, so not surprised. They’re like, such <insert rude talk about other race here>

and that i think is :

rac·ism  (rszm)


1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

okay, so really, racism is just not. cool.
por ejemplo, just because I am asian doesn’t mean I know kungfu or eat a sack of rice a day or study like shit till my eyes just roll out of its sockets
get real people.
sure, some of the ‘human characters’ are deemed to be inherited by the majority of a race (you know the phrase, ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em kinda thing’? catching my drift now?)
but no, we don’t all know kungfu, we eat rice ’cause they grow like weeds where we live  
and we’re not relatives of Jackie Chan either (lol I personally don’t mind this)

same shizz happens with different races everywhere too.

quite frankly though, sometimes I do feel like I’m a racist too
I will unintentionally think to myself, “heh, no wonder lah” 
then I realise, “eh, since when did I have those kind of perceptions about other races?”
I really don’t remember discriminating anyone (during ye ‘ol days) just based on their colour/religion/race. As an adorable lil’ kid (HAHA), I don’t go in my squeaky voice saying, “hmm, what race are you again? oh <race>? ewwww you guys have cooties!”

uh, no.

so here’s what I think what went down:
our noggins are like sponges
they absorb absolutely everything that they can possibly absorb 
even if we don’t wish to absorb it or realise that we’re absorbing it 
and that’s the work of the most absorbable (is that a word?) part of the brain a.k.a. 
le subconscious mind
they pick up all these itty bitty signals (comments, signs, blah) from the surroundings and send it to the main HQ in the noggin’
all the information then just get mushed up together

outcome: feelings/perceptions we never knew we had (and a bunch of other stuff)

you sneaky lil’ subconscious mind you.


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