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food of the day: kangkung belacan

I really did not know what I was doing. Just followed some recipe I found online which looks sorta do-able. The first step was to soak the dried prawns with boiling water and all I could see were their small black dotted eyes just floating in the boiled water, they kinda look like sea monkeys if you’ve seen and/or had one of those, just really dead-o. 
Weird lil critters aren’t they huh?
Blended belacan (oooh, am officially debelacanised! heh okay lame), dried shrimp, shallots and dried chillies. I wasn’t sure how many of those chillies to put, so I just dumped like 5-6 of ’em. I figured (looking at the state and size of them chillies), they would be absolutely harmless (yeah, I’m hard core like that).
Boy, was I wrong. 
My lips are still burning.

results: not that great but edible (aye geef eet tu end a khalf starghs)

on a totally different note, I am now attempting to read Harry Potter 5 from cover to cover.
I have started reading a few other books these past few years but didn’t manage to finish even one. tsktsk.

imma busy bee, what can I say kan?
bdunk tss.


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