why did I watch Pocahantas 1 and 2?

why did I devour a bagajillion choc chip cookies?
(because they are so damn delicious, that’s why!)

why am I even writing this?

the inevitable procrastination-phases(s) of la vida



vijf n viertig dagen

taking a seat in the lecture theatre is so tricky
i’ve got to remember to not sit near the look-at-me-i-am-so-smart people
cause they ask way too many questions and acting all high and mighty ho
not to mention, totally throwing off the lecture’s groove
also, not to sit next to people who choose to eat their breakfast/lunch in their damn crackling paper bag
the lecture basically goes like this,
substance enters brain->”wow, i am totally getting this today. i am so very happy, lalala”, crackle, crackle,crackle “curse you crackler!” *dagger eyes*
someone needs to invent a non-crackling bag pronto
people who discuss-and-explain-to-friend who don’t know the meaning of whispering or even have the brains to wait after the freaking lecture are also somewhere around the lecture theatre and they usually sit in pretty large groups
it takes great skill to spot them. as for me, it took a good 2-3 times to know exactly who.
last but not least,
i have to remember that i have to be able to actually see the lecture screen with my four eyes.
so yeah,
not so far behind in the back, not too much in the front (there’s where the high-and-mighty-ho people are), dodge the cracklers and the loud-spoken ones and i’ll find the perfect spot

today wasn’t a good day, was sitting next to a crackler and the loud-spoken ones
haih, you would think being in final year would make you a wizard at this
but in my case, obviously not.

on a happy note, one down! weehee 😀