ain’t it purdy?

behold! tempeh or fermented-soybean-cake (whichever name you would prefer)
lightly fried and sprinkled with la sal and italian herbs, DE-LISH ๐Ÿ˜€

it is the hollies (t-8days left) and i am dangerously slacking off
i live in my cocoon aka sleeping bag and pretty much do what a caterpillar does all day
eat, sleep, being not productive whatsoever and eat some more
only difference is that, i will definitely not turn into a boo-tiful butterfly if i go on like this
ay caramba.

okay, tomorrow fo sho’
all systems go
*cue indiana jones theme song*

ps: i just watched indiana jones with the crystal skull or something like that and all i can say is, what the hula were they thinking? ‘____’


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