pitted prunes

sometimes or most of the time even
i find it just useless to vent out to people
it’s not like i feel better after that 
they just give you this look
it’s like i have the word ‘stupid’ on my forehead
i hate that i’m feeling this way
i really hate that i’m losing sight on where i’m supposed to go
i know i should not complain
because i have been given many chances and i do appreciate
but sometimes things just get to me
i hate how some people can just get what they want
without even breaking a sweat
and how they just have to pull a few strings here and there
and magic happens
i hate how people just don’t realise what they have
and how they can take things for granted
i hate how some people can really act immature
eventhough they are the ones you looked up to before
i hate how things changed 
and really hate how I can’t brush things off easily
I’m affected by things that shouldn’t
my feelings bruise like a peach

how the heck am i going to survive out there?

well, at least venting out here
i won’t feel like some idiot.


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