pitted prunes

sometimes or most of the time even
i find it just useless to vent out to people
it’s not like i feel better after that 
they just give you this look
it’s like i have the word ‘stupid’ on my forehead
i hate that i’m feeling this way
i really hate that i’m losing sight on where i’m supposed to go
i know i should not complain
because i have been given many chances and i do appreciate
but sometimes things just get to me
i hate how some people can just get what they want
without even breaking a sweat
and how they just have to pull a few strings here and there
and magic happens
i hate how people just don’t realise what they have
and how they can take things for granted
i hate how some people can really act immature
eventhough they are the ones you looked up to before
i hate how things changed 
and really hate how I can’t brush things off easily
I’m affected by things that shouldn’t
my feelings bruise like a peach

how the heck am i going to survive out there?

well, at least venting out here
i won’t feel like some idiot.



okay, so I have been MIA on a whole lot of things and people, including this, cobweb-covered-dusty-ish blog
I am just way too caught up with uni work (if only that was true lol)
so what exactly have i been “caught up” with?

1. very silly but super addictive games like cake mania and diner dash. I played those games for almost 6 hours straight on one beautiful saturday. sheesh, talk bout burning your day. the thing is, i have no idea why it is so addictive. well actually i do. you know how in the first level, they give you a tutorial on how to play the game and bla, and then slowly you know what to do to achieve the goal score. and when you’ve reached a certain total score you get to buy and upgrade stuff, like a faster oven (here’s when stewie says, “oooooooh” haha) or extra time and you just get, i mean I just get soooooo engrossed (fuh, determination right there) to get to the goal score, first to pass the level and secondly, i get to buy stuff. you should definitely watch me play, first class entertainment fo sho’

2. trying out microwave recipes which are mostly cake/cupcake/muffin based. and i can definitely say that cake/cupcake/muffin baked from ovens are the best, with the microwave it’s just very meh. you just don’t get the crisp golden brown layer on top which my friends, is a muy importante yummy factor. one of the recipes was a 5-minute chocolate cake in a mug! and i was of course, being a gullible reader, tried it out. i mean come on, a cake in a mug? how cool is that lah weh? it is literally, a mugcake. so i mixed all the ingredients in a MUG and zapped it in the microwave for a bit. the coolest part was when the batter was just rising out of the mug for a good 7 cm! (man, i am so easily amused).sadly, yummy score is only 3 out of 5. but it was worth a shot kan? 

3. making paper roses. instead of finishing my so out of date work, i origami-ed a paper rose. finished 4 already and i am making another one. i’m planning in making a bouquet of paper roses with no purpose whatsoever or maybe i am just pre-preparing for valentine’s day next year lol. think about it, a bouquet of “flowers” which will not ever wilt and comes in so many different colours, also a personalised message or a secret message on one of the petals (stewie: ooooooh). my imagination is a pretty wild-ish thing. that i must admit. 

miss procrastinator strikes again!