creamy mash potato

there’s just something about sunsets that I love. maybe it’s the fact that two sunsets can never be the same, the way the different hues of the sun rays colour the clouds around it with an amazing array of colours, maybe it’s the way the clouds design themselves around the sun, sort of like a dance celebrating the end of a day or maybe it’s just the feeling I get, the feeling of contentment.

anyways, its almost august and the new semester just started. first day went okay and im hoping to realise a few things for this semester. so, no more miss procrastinator.

the central australia trip was amazingly breathtaking. the friends I made, the memories we shared and the only-once-a-lifetime moments are just too precious. i’ll leave the pictures to do the talking 🙂

kata tjuta
the red kahuna
kings canyon

i should probably sleep now.