damn son!

everyday is funday from now ;D


3 and some

3 papers more.

in 3 consecutive days.

for 3 different subjects.

brain-cramming ftw!
(insert favourite superhero tune here)

this post was brought to you by the number 3.

*crossing fingers and toes*

book sniffer

I talked with my sister a few days back and told her that I just watched MULAN, which was (and probably still is) her favourite Disney movie I think. We started to laugh like crazy and started those do-you-remember stories. She was I think 3 years old back then and 2-D cartoons were still “in”. And me being the nicest-sister-ever will always ask whether she would want to be like Mulan, of course, she said yes all the time. I’ll get out her baby powder, a poofy powder puff, our mom’s lipstick and a hairband. Then, I’ll tie her hair up, powder her face with baby powder like mad and smeared lipstick. TADA! “look baby, you look just like Mulan! Come, let me take a picture!”. As i quote her, ” I didn’t know any better”. Memories like that, stick with you forever 🙂

ah yes, the dreadful part of the post. 
dum dum dummmmmm.
I am currently sniffing books and cramming the noggin’.
At approximately 2300 hours, I stuffed me-self with garlicbutter-smeared-turkishbread, which is calorie equivalent to a whole horse. haih. it’s okay. I am totally ready for the winter days.

things to look forward to:
-end of exams. duh.
-adventures in the outback!
-imagine all the pictures i can take and the stars i can see at night (and wild kangaroos!)
-hanging out with the stooges without a worry in mind
-tv series marathons
-world cup, especially the final match. ohmaigodcantwait.

procrastination mode off
study mode on

adios muchachos.