niet meer

i was watching ‘the day after tomorrow’ with the other two stooges last night
one of the many many many end-of-the-world movies
end-of-the-world should officially be a movie genre on its own lah
i don’t know why but i get so emotional and i will always have to keep reminding myself that it is, just a movie
but then again, disasters do happen (maybe not as severe or wide-scale like the ones in the movies) but still, it’s heartbreaking
just recently i read in the news that a dutch boy is the sole survivor in a libyan plane crash
he lost everyone, his parents and his brother
and what makes it even more heartbreaking
he has an ongoing blog where he writes about their vacation in South Africa and post up pictures
i can’t imagine what or how he’ll feel whenever he opens his blog
all the last moments he had with his family detailed, just like a diary 
it’s really sad 
i really hope God watches over him, 
give him strength to move on 
and heal his heart.

my prayers are with you, little one.


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