loaf you dough much

time: 3.07 am
song: the saltwater room by owl city

I opened my eyes last night and saw you in the low light 

Walking down by the bay, on the shore, staring up at the planes that aren’t there anymore 
I was feeling the night grow old and you were looking so cold 
Like an introvert, I drew my over shirt 
Around my arms and began to shiver violently before 
You happened to look and see the tunnels all around me 
Running into the dark underground 
All the subways around create a great sound 
To my motion fatigue: farewell 
With your ear to a seashell 
You can hear the waves in underwater caves 
As if you actually were inside a saltwater room 
randoom: my tummy must have the weird-est times to be hungry and grumbling. laparo.


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