“didn’t you think the histogram for our midsemester test results looked like a GIANT middle finger on the screen?”

yes, yes it does.
and it felt like a BIG slap across my face.




tick to the tock

mood: happy, cold and sleepy
background sound: airco/heater

well, Melbourne finally received the memo that it is autumn, so it is getting a wee bit LOT colder now. i am not ready for winter. not just the coldness and the rainyness, but the kilos (damn you hibernation!). i have just been hit with the big meteor of assignments and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. and i have to start doing the full-on with revision (it’s friggin’ week 8 alreadyyyyy). i predict looooong days ahead *sighsighsighsighsigh*

assignment ass-kickin’ time.GO ME 😀


Hello world!
i’ve finally come out from under my cho-cho-noot 😀

1. i have been pretty depressed lately. easter break was good, popped my clubbing cherry *wiggles eyebrows* but then later in the week, got really sick. I got the whole sick happy family, even the may-jah one, fee-ver. And now, the 2nd half of the semester started and i just can’t help but wonder how fast time terbangs. someone tolong press the slow button pleasethankyou. 

2. I’ve got one MST to go and one essay to do, both worth a ton. i think it’s good that there’s eggs in different baskets, but hello? way too much eggs in this basket okay. i do not want scrambled eggs. bet you’re wondering, “is kelly on something?” no, im not. a bit high on sugar (thanks to the triple chocolate treat today YUMMEYH) but perfectly sane. 

3. i really can’t wait for winter break, i desperately need one. well not now, but after the midnight-oil-burning-times before and during exam period. and i’m going on a TRIP with atiqua, the central australian camping adventure *cue indiana jones theme song*. CAN’T WAIT :))

4. my sleeping times are all screwed up. i have become a NOCTURNAL creature. me no likey. 

5. i’ve started a tumblog! donotclickhere it’s still a baby, so not much stuff on it. just random things i find interesting/cool/lame/awesome/omg on the net.

okay. 3 am. must sleep.
buenas noches peepos (that’s spanish for peeps)