six o three ten

the clouds started to look like fingers wrapping its wrath around the globe but it was still sort of sunny-ish. okay, maybe not so. but i thought, “ala, the bbq would still be on anyways”.freefoodftw. at least the storm was gradual-ish kan?(or not). first, it started with those finger-looking-clouds from legion. then, it started to become really gloomy and it began to rain renyai-renyai. and then, mini hailstones like the one in the pic started to fall. cute and not at all painful. we were ecstatic. i mean, how often does anyone from the tropics get caught in a hailstorm anyways? 

five-ish minutes later:
the mini cutesy hailstones became NOTATALL so mini cutesy hailstones. it started to storm in melbourne, just like the ones back home and that doesn’t happen that often i tell you. so there we were, the three stooges huddled together with two umbrellas as a shield, trying really hard avoiding from getting hit by the hail while taking shelter from a bus stop (which was not such a good idea). oh and me screaming like a 5 year old everytime i get hit by hailstone. very picturesque, no? 

oh yeah, great way to jump start the new semester. nothing beats getting uber wet while being hit by a gajillion hailstones. whoo!

me want to go moomba-ing tonight.
how lah?


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