1. im back in melbie once again, and this time ill be here for the whole 8 months!

sure, now you’re thinking, alaaaaah, 8 bulan jeeeee” 
i agree. its not that long of a time, but things sure pass by real fast nowadays lah kan?
lotsa things will be missed out on back home 😦

2. yes, im homesick. that’s the word. pffftthh.

3. classes are so far mas o menos (so-so). which really means, i haven’t been hit with the giant meteor of assignments. i. can’t. wait. whoo.

4. random moment of the week was during one of my lectures before a prac. my lecturer was explaining something about the tabasco and doing an experiment with it (don’t want to bore you with the deets here) and all of a sudden, he puts on a paper chef hat he made himself (and the class went wild *raaaah*) okay. not so wild but we laughed. it’s no wonder i always had a liking for that sub. this reminded me of one of my lecturers 2 semesters ago. for her last lecture, instead of the usual-and-boring-tahap-dewa summary of the whole subject, she performed a magic trick for us. and i must say, it was pretty good. yeah, i know my lecturers are awesome x)

5. back in flare for the year and seriously, i’m so out of shape. i feel like one of those hippos/crocs with ballerina tutus in fantasia.

6. just watched ‘He’s just not that into you’ again a few nights ago. i think i’ve been brainwashed :S


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