it was a sunny day
she looked up and smiled
and the sun smiled back
“nothing can stop me today”, she said
she skipped along the beaten track
no plastic music today
just the sound of her footsteps
and the birds in the blue sky
with the wind caressing her hair

she spots a cloud
ever so small and white
in a distance
coming closer and closer
but then realized it was gray all along
the skies became dark
the birds became quiet
the wind stopped
an eerie silence lurked around her
and the clouds started to cry

she ran back home
as fast as she can
and sat by the fireplace
curled up in a blanket
and started to cry

it was a sunny day.


the inside scoop

between a girl and a boy :

oh without those EXTRA 20 kgs i tak cute lah
ishish guys guys
when will u ever learn :P
what can we doo
girls so particular abt our attitude or hearts
in return we u know, yr appearance
better the inside than the outside u know
outside can change anytime
we look OUTSIDE first
baru inside
inside at least will stay the same if ur genuine
girls dont care much abt outside
dorg ckp je lebih abt how their men shld be look like

reality is a bitch
but im counting on the minority 🙂

six o three ten

the clouds started to look like fingers wrapping its wrath around the globe but it was still sort of sunny-ish. okay, maybe not so. but i thought, “ala, the bbq would still be on anyways”.freefoodftw. at least the storm was gradual-ish kan?(or not). first, it started with those finger-looking-clouds from legion. then, it started to become really gloomy and it began to rain renyai-renyai. and then, mini hailstones like the one in the pic started to fall. cute and not at all painful. we were ecstatic. i mean, how often does anyone from the tropics get caught in a hailstorm anyways? 

five-ish minutes later:
the mini cutesy hailstones became NOTATALL so mini cutesy hailstones. it started to storm in melbourne, just like the ones back home and that doesn’t happen that often i tell you. so there we were, the three stooges huddled together with two umbrellas as a shield, trying really hard avoiding from getting hit by the hail while taking shelter from a bus stop (which was not such a good idea). oh and me screaming like a 5 year old everytime i get hit by hailstone. very picturesque, no? 

oh yeah, great way to jump start the new semester. nothing beats getting uber wet while being hit by a gajillion hailstones. whoo!

me want to go moomba-ing tonight.
how lah?


1. im back in melbie once again, and this time ill be here for the whole 8 months!

sure, now you’re thinking, alaaaaah, 8 bulan jeeeee” 
i agree. its not that long of a time, but things sure pass by real fast nowadays lah kan?
lotsa things will be missed out on back home 😦

2. yes, im homesick. that’s the word. pffftthh.

3. classes are so far mas o menos (so-so). which really means, i haven’t been hit with the giant meteor of assignments. i. can’t. wait. whoo.

4. random moment of the week was during one of my lectures before a prac. my lecturer was explaining something about the tabasco and doing an experiment with it (don’t want to bore you with the deets here) and all of a sudden, he puts on a paper chef hat he made himself (and the class went wild *raaaah*) okay. not so wild but we laughed. it’s no wonder i always had a liking for that sub. this reminded me of one of my lecturers 2 semesters ago. for her last lecture, instead of the usual-and-boring-tahap-dewa summary of the whole subject, she performed a magic trick for us. and i must say, it was pretty good. yeah, i know my lecturers are awesome x)

5. back in flare for the year and seriously, i’m so out of shape. i feel like one of those hippos/crocs with ballerina tutus in fantasia.

6. just watched ‘He’s just not that into you’ again a few nights ago. i think i’ve been brainwashed :S