i think i lost my blogging mojo (ade ke such a thing?)


watched Avatar last weekend with the fam. it was really really really good. very original. two thumbs up! i would’ve put more thumbs up if i had more (lame moment right there). just $50million more to top Titanic 🙂



im 22 this year, my new year resolutions are exactly the same like last year and the years before (so maybe they are lifetime resolutions lah kot?). im scavenging for a good camera with a bankaccount-friendly-ish price but to no avail. the online reviews are contradictory which equals to no help *sigh* guess i know what to do for the rest of the week -suggestions are welcomed :). its valentine’s cum chinese new year month in a week and that means i only have 28 days in malaysiatanahairkuterchenta *mencebik bibir*
totally random fact [trf]: there is such a thing as mylifeistwilight.com. i know. i was shocked too. this takes twilight-obsession to a whole new level.


ps: facebook in pirate language is so much cooler.


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