the stooge who told everything

Once upon a time, in a land far far away called Melbourne
there lived a girl named Atiqah Mokhtar
but of course, people don’t call her that name because its “long”
so she was called, Ateqs, or her new nickname, Atiqua (think Qantas)
some may mistaken her for a chinese or indonesian (anything BUT malay haha)
but i think the best and funniest question was, “are you from sarawak?” (yes, we’re the ibanese twin sisters of flare)
She LOVES to bake and feed people what she bakes, namely me (because im always willing :P)
the best part is, this girl has talent, eventhough she repeatedly denies it cake after cake after cookie after muffin after cupcake, but everything she bakes is really good, especially the cinnamon rolls (*ehem*, ive been craving for a chocolate souffle, try buat can?)
she’s also a fashionista (i know by now, you’re laughing your ass off ateqs, but it’s true)
before meeting her, my fashion sense macam kene langgar lori berkali-kali, it was a totally sad case i tell you,
but now it’s muuuuch better, thanks to you 🙂
and i quote, “haa, ko nampak macam perempuan”-the stooge who never fails to make us laugh haha
she’s terrified of anything with 6 legs or more that can fly (eventhough it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than her) but she’s the bravest when standing up for the people she loves most
she has an awesome taste in music (made my ipod playlist looking more colourful yay) and did i mention before she can dance? no? well, this girl can totally rock the dance floor (right now, you’re rolling on the floor laughing kan ateqs?)
and she’s always there when i need a partner-in-crime, crimes like eating to our hearts content and shopping when broke.heh.
when i ask, “should i (fill in the blanks)?”, she says, “why not?”
and because of that, i’ve done some pretty awesome things which i woudn’t think of doing.ever.
so yeah,
thank you for being my walking ATM
thank you for bearing my indecisiveness (the whole time)
thank you for being there for me (ups and downs)
thank you for all the cakes, muffins and cookies (kilos, what kilos?)
thank you for making my life in Melbourne way better than average
and most importantly, thank you for believing in me 🙂

Happy 21st Birthday!
May all your dreams, hopes, wishes come true for this year and the years after
and may God bless you always
Stay Gorgeous

lots of ♥,
kelly the stooge who laughed too much

ps: she’s available 😛


2 thoughts on “the stooge who told everything

  1. Aiyoooooo, WHY SO SWEEEEEEET??? :,) Nicest things written about me, ever but yes, the fashionista part and the rocking the dance floor bit had me laughing! it's not good to fib tau, even if those fibs are compliments :p


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