v e g g i e s a r e a w e s o m e

last week or so, i bought veggie burgers from safeway
because i thought it looked so good and it’s healthy! because its ve-gee 😛
it tastes just like chicken, but it’s halal of course (since it’s made from veggies on-leyh)
and today i went to browse around the cheese section where they usually have the salami section too
and i spotted the vegetarian section
before i say anything else, first off, hell no, im not a vegan/lacto-ovo/sewaktu dengannye, 
i love my chicken and my beef burgers
there’s this ‘bacon’ salami-ish kinda thing for sandwiches and bla
its ALL made from veggies right?
and veggies are halal right? (duh)
and they can’t make it perisa bacon because that woudn’t be vegetarian, would it?
so i can eat the bacon salami la kan?
since its halal bacon because its all veggies.
that just doesn’t sound right haha.

im confused.

uh-oh im hungry and nothing’s open.
mamak please datang melbourne quick?


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