laughing buddha

why laughing buddha?
because i have a buddha on my fridge and that’s the first thing i see when i looked up and i needed a title. random yeah, i know.

i can’t believe that im fee-nee-to with uni for the rest of the year
come to think of it, time passed by uber fast this year
it started off slow (like always) with me doing summer school which was oh-so-panas-ohmygod but obviously, i survived. and then, i was in malaysia for a month-ish, me turning 21 (and still in denial), and then raya ala melbourne with open houses galore which also came with the chubby cheeks, then maelstrom came along, and *poof* it’s gonna be december in 5 days! WHOA.

and as usual, this year’s new resolutions are becoming 2o1o’s resolutions. no surprise there kan? heh.


so i think Lady Gaga is awesome and i love her non-clichéd ways and MAD music videos
had a preview listen to her new album and i can’t wait to get it plugged to my brain 🙂
which reminds me, to download all the songs i wanted to download when i had exams of which i can download without guilt now *grins* but now i can’t even remember which. ish.
and tell me, why is it that when i’m done with exams, there is hardly any good on the tube to watch eh?

okay, tummy’s grumbling.
and i feel like eating ayam balado.


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