monopoly money

the numero uno on my wish list now is a camera
better yet, an SLR ๐Ÿ™‚
yeah, i know it’s on the pricey-shmicey side
but i think it would be an awesome thing to have
and it has so many functions! this. i loike A LOT
besides all the pretty pictures i can take (effortlessly)
i can maybe give this photography thing a go
so yeah,
the ones im eyeing are around $1500 (kot)
which means,
if i save $50 per month, i would be able to get one in 30 months
which is equivalent to 2 and a half years
which means 2012
aiyo lamenye!

[mentol idea menyala]
*scribbles on notepad*

other ways of getting money

1. selongkar my closet at home with hopes that i find my non-existent stash
2. see a penny, pick it up, lame-lame jadi one dollar (but then again, there are no more pennies in the countries i live in, so 5 sen)
3. busking! i see these people get quite a reasonable amount of money. so, i can, uh, “sing” and play the guitar. be like a jason-mraz-ish kinda gig. but i have to learn how to play the guitar first lah
4. be a part time piano teacher and i’ll teach little kids (and bear with the hair-tugging, whining and kicking and tantrums. now, that sounds like FUN ppffthh)
5. dress up like a hobo and put on my best act tepi jalan mane-mane

yes, as you can tell, im bored. and when im bored, i ramble.
but i do want one though ๐Ÿ™‚


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