i can’t wait to put on my par-tay hat yo


dear neurons of the noggin’, you have fought well, eventhough there were some casualties, but the most important thing is that, it’s o-vahh wootwoot *victory dance*. i’m so proud of you guys i can cry.cue the song ‘we are the champions’. now, sing with me yo.

we-eee are the champions my frie-hennn-ndssssss~

and we’ll keeepp on fii-iighting till the endddd dum dum dum

okay, that was beyond lame. tapi dah lame kot, you lovelies didn’t get that awesome kellylicious dose of lameness kan kan?

only uno more paper, standing between me and malaysiatanahairkuterchenta whoot!
and after ze papergh un ze twintie fiftgh (that’s me in my very-fake french accent) i get to go goodies/christmas/noreason shopping before i go back ๐Ÿ™‚ for the lovelies back at home of course. yay!

alamak, it’s almost 2am
selamat malam ๐Ÿ™‚


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