let’s kiss the frog and be done with it

i think my lappie is sick
the black colours sometimes turn into red
and whites into strikes of blue
and it passes out every now and then
and all i get is a blank white screen
then i have to put it to sleep
and wake it up again for it to be normal
sometimes if i restart it, it sounds possessed (no, seriously)
windows-vista-starting-up-music goes all creepy and shiz
oh and i cannot move the screen up and down or not it will pass out again
(it passed out again as i was typing this post. aiyo.)

2.5 hell-ish days before fridaythehorror (2 papers in a day and being confined in a hall from 9 to 4. i am “overjoyed”)
and 3 more papers. ugh.

takpe, after this can go all jolly shemolly all over town for 3 months.
so many movies i want to watch nanti
2012, julie and julia, new moon (im a semi twihard fan whoo!)
and disney’s princess and the frog! (and more)
especially the last one though, it’s a hand drawn animation with an awesome storyline
and i am a disneyholic. disney forever haha.
can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

okayokay back to trying-not-to-screw-my-finals-mode


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