reality bites.(sometimes)

let’s just say, i wasn’t surprised.

“Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll” -anonymous

moving along now ๐Ÿ™‚


the stooge who told everything

Once upon a time, in a land far far away called Melbourne
there lived a girl named Atiqah Mokhtar
but of course, people don’t call her that name because its “long”
so she was called, Ateqs, or her new nickname, Atiqua (think Qantas)
some may mistaken her for a chinese or indonesian (anything BUT malay haha)
but i think the best and funniest question was, “are you from sarawak?” (yes, we’re the ibanese twin sisters of flare)
She LOVES to bake and feed people what she bakes, namely me (because im always willing :P)
the best part is, this girl has talent, eventhough she repeatedly denies it cake after cake after cookie after muffin after cupcake, but everything she bakes is really good, especially the cinnamon rolls (*ehem*, ive been craving for a chocolate souffle, try buat can?)
she’s also a fashionista (i know by now, you’re laughing your ass off ateqs, but it’s true)
before meeting her, my fashion sense macam kene langgar lori berkali-kali, it was a totally sad case i tell you,
but now it’s muuuuch better, thanks to you ๐Ÿ™‚
and i quote, “haa, ko nampak macam perempuan”-the stooge who never fails to make us laugh haha
she’s terrified of anything with 6 legs or more that can fly (eventhough it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than her) but she’s the bravest when standing up for the people she loves most
she has an awesome taste in music (made my ipod playlist looking more colourful yay) and did i mention before she can dance? no? well, this girl can totally rock the dance floor (right now, you’re rolling on the floor laughing kan ateqs?)
and she’s always there when i need a partner-in-crime, crimes like eating to our hearts content and shopping when broke.heh.
when i ask, “should i (fill in the blanks)?”, she says, “why not?”
and because of that, i’ve done some pretty awesome things which i woudn’t think of doing.ever.
so yeah,
thank you for being my walking ATM
thank you for bearing my indecisiveness (the whole time)
thank you for being there for me (ups and downs)
thank you for all the cakes, muffins and cookies (kilos, what kilos?)
thank you for making my life in Melbourne way better than average
and most importantly, thank you for believing in me ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy 21st Birthday!
May all your dreams, hopes, wishes come true for this year and the years after
and may God bless you always
Stay Gorgeous

lots of โ™ฅ,
kelly the stooge who laughed too much

ps: she’s available ๐Ÿ˜›

v e g g i e s a r e a w e s o m e

last week or so, i bought veggie burgers from safeway
because i thought it looked so good and it’s healthy! because its ve-gee ๐Ÿ˜›
it tastes just like chicken, but it’s halal of course (since it’s made from veggies on-leyh)
and today i went to browse around the cheese section where they usually have the salami section too
and i spotted the vegetarian section
before i say anything else, first off, hell no, im not a vegan/lacto-ovo/sewaktu dengannye,ย 
i love my chicken and my beef burgers
there’s this ‘bacon’ salami-ish kinda thing for sandwiches and bla
its ALL made from veggies right?
and veggies are halal right? (duh)
and they can’t make it perisa bacon because that woudn’t be vegetarian, would it?
so i can eat the bacon salami la kan?
since its halal bacon because its all veggies.
that just doesn’t sound right haha.

im confused.

uh-oh im hungry and nothing’s open.
mamak please datang melbourne quick?

you rock my world

i watched This Is It just now
and i caught the earliest show so i had the cinema all for myself *hee*

i LOVED it. you could see and feel his passion for music throughout the whole movie, and how he wanted everything to be perfect because it was his, “final curtain call” for the fans. it was awesome watching a musical genius at work, the picasso of music.
you can tell, he sings from the heart ๐Ÿ™‚

you are truly the greatest King of Pop ever lived
though, you’re gone now but your music will forever be immortal
rest in peace MJ
nobody can hurt you now

also watched:
pretty darn awesome!
loved the effects
and me being me, had tears welling up don’t know how many times .ish emotional kan?
but it got me thinking, if man could imagine this, i wonder how the end of the world is really gonna be like.
i should love God more.

ain’t no mountain high enough

i had to do heavy-duty laundry today
because the dirty clothes was turning into a mountain
higher than everest (okay, tipulah kan tapi serious, memang banyak)

WARNING: click the little x box now because this would be a total waste of your time, none of mine, because i have checked out my brain yesterday and i can go brain dead for 3 months ๐Ÿ™‚

so off i went, carrying my laundry and hoping to not meet anyone because the amount of laundry was literally up till my nose. but nooo, someone up there thought, “hey, im bored! let’s play a sims game with kelly and let her have an awkward day!” yes, thankyou pffthh

awkward moment #1

i was struggling with my laundry bag, carrying it from underneath (hoping for it to not cave over and spill all my laundry on the floor, all shapes, sizes and colours and undies aiyothehorror). felt for the lift button to go down, but i pressed up, and realised it was the wrong button, so i pressed down. and when the lift for going up opened, wanting to not look like an idiot who pressed two buttons for no reason, what did i do?
i ran and hid away from the lift, hoping for them not to see me. and that’s when the lift for going down opened too pffth.

awkward moment #2
so i casually stepped into the lift. made it seemed like nothing happened and of course, it was the landlord. he politely pressed 1 for me (a.k.a the laundry room) and i don’t know about you, but i feel so awkward when getting into lifts with people in it/people coming in. do you know what i mean? you’re there in this little cubicle with a stranger/strangers and it gets soooo quiet (except for the obnoxious ones) and the weird thing is, you wouldn’t know where exactly to look and most of the time everybody just stares straight ahead. read this article once about lift etiquette and they say, you should smile at them and just stare at the led screen showing the floor number until its your turn.
lemme just say, i tried but it still feels damn awkward. another awkward moment with the landlord was when i was waiting for ateqs to come to the apartment one day and i forgot that the landlord was also coming
so when the phone-that-buzzes-people-in-to-apartment rang, i picked it up and readily assumed it was ateqs
and said some pretty silly things which i can’t remember what (thankgod)
then, realising it was the landlord! (i had a mini heart attack)
kamy who was there, heard my voice being all serious all of a sudden and could’ve guessed what happened. and so,

me: ehhh, you lah open the door! i taknak, then he’ll know its ME
kamy: nanti he would think it’s ME la pulak! (that was my plan actually *evil grin*)

landlord comes in and i could tell he was trying not to laugh (he did that also on the phone and i really wonder what was he thinking, “silly asian girl”)
and i try to act like nothing happened. again.

yes, im kelly and i do silly things like that once in a blue moon (hah, i wish! more like all the time)

ooh, and i just came back from watching New Moon
nothing to hoot about but swooning over Jacob Black ย 
team JACOB woot!
anyhoo, i found some bits very entertaining
this one part, the black vampire said to Bella, “i can’t help it, you’re just too mouthwatering” and that’s when i LOLed.
and the ending was a total bomb lah.
but everybody in the cinema laughed. which is good, right? tee hee

ย “i don’t understand what’s so great about vampires which glitter in the sunlight” – nad

tomorrow sambung movie marathon.

do you moonwalk too?

when i confessed to my mom i liked someone, one of the things she asked was whether he likes Michael Jackson or not (because if he doesn’t, that’s strike one). hahaha, i still find it funny ๐Ÿ™‚
anyways, went youtubing, and i found this–>

*bows down to awesomeness*

moonwalking to bed @ 4.43am.