brain blurtin’

i really really hate this essay. 500 words is a pain when it’s not suppose to be. this is suppose to be easy. GAHHHH! omgomgomgomgomgomg 2 and a half weeks to cover everything? it’s a feat. its possible, right? i mean, totally do-able. right? i should have used up my 2 week break more wisely. regrets, regrets and more regrets. i wanna go home. now. i’m sick and i feel so crappy. all i want now is some unconditional TLC. i can’t wait to play the black and whites and the other two thingamajigs. i miss the fam. i miss my cats. i miss home. i am pathetic. i know that 1 month is not that long of a time. but still, ugh. but then again, i really can’t wait for next semester. new subs whoo! and im learning spanish ๐Ÿ™‚ and probably latin or music. and oh, i haven’t seen you for the longest time. okay, so it’s just a month. but still. hell yeah, status: pathetico ultimato. a marble cheesecake from secret recipe would certainly make my day now. and a teh tarik pretty please?

i hate you mr. procrastination. really, i do.


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