really, don’t bother.

i don’t know what caused it or why i’m feeling this way, it’s just that things (or me) just seemed a lil bit down in the dumps. yeayeah, you don’t have to give me that talk about counting my blessings and all, i know. i know i should be thankful for what i have now. and i do okay. it’s just that i’m depressed and stressed. i don’t feel uppity upup as i usually do. not hyper as i usually am. i still laugh and ladeeda, but i just don’t feel like myself (i sound like a crazed melancholic eh?). the weather is so not helping me either (rain, rain go away, come again like in a month can ah?) .like today. the only thing that made me happy was when the 2 stooges came over to my place and we ate dinner together. during rehearsal, one girl said, “nice dancing” and i kinda smirked (which was so not nice of me and i feel very bad doing it, really i do) but i did say thank you. and another girl tried to be “friendly” with me (well, i think she was), and i “smiled” but didn’t even look her in the eye. that’s not me. i don’t usually do that. *sighs* there’s way too much negative energy surrounding me now and it’s not doing me any good.ish.

i need a good long date with the black and whites. seriously. 😦

someone please captivate me already.

bah humbug!


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