virgo ooh la la

hor·o·scope [ háwrə skop ] (plural hor·o·scopes)



1. astrological forecast: an astrologer’s description of the personality and future of a person based on the position of the planets in relation to the sign of the zodiac under which the person was born

2. diagram of planetary relationship: the positions of the stars or planets relative to each another at a specific moment, especially the time of somebody’s birth, or a diagram of these positions

horoscopes, i don’t know why, but i would check them everyday, and re-check them again the next day just to see how accurate it would really be for the day before. most of the time it won’t be of course. but its the accuracy of the small percentage of the time that makes me wanting to check it even more. what lah

tomorrow’s horoscope for yours truly (with comments)

People will pay attention to you (oh really? what about just one particular person’s attention? like a filthy rich millionaire’s son who’s sweet, smart, makes me laugh, plays the guitar, write songs and all that romantic shiz? haha where got exist one), because the Gemini moon will help bring out your leadership qualities (tipuuuuu, i have no leadership qualities whatsoever, im disorganised, my living room’s a mess, my brain’s a mess, and the list goes on and on and on in a disorganised, messy type of way. ’nuff said). Mercury and Saturn getting together will also make you very realistic (hmm, i need that). The trick will be to avoid allowing your practical viewpoints to become more of a buzz kill. The Sun and Jupiter will help you feel more hopeful, so tap into their energy when you’re talking with friends tonight (i would definitely need that too, since, thisissuchaboringweekithinkilldieofboredomgah!).

to the bed and beyond.
buenas noches 🙂


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