greased lightnin’

so spring break is over. SIGHS 😦
and it was 99% pleasure and 1% studies.
that 1% should be a wee bit higher (or maybe a lot). oh well

ze zpring break blooms:
1. i. feel. overindulged. (open house spree woot!)
2. after much “careful” calculations (during physio class), i have to do a min 4 lectures per day, starting today, to be able to finish EVERYTHING.
3. am putting the geek hat on for at least two months! [please refer to point 2]. so no fb-ing/blogging/twitter-ing/perkara-yang-sewaktu-dengannya for awhile (or just really minimal?:P)
4. tickets for malaysiatanahairkuterchenta have been booked πŸ™‚
5. so to be able to really appreciate point numero quatro, points dos and tres must be done very very very efficiently and maximised kuasa infinity.

and to you,
i know that we’re just friends as of now
and if you like me, well lucky you πŸ™‚
but if you don’t, well lucky me

got that hun?


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