brain blurtin’

i really really hate this essay. 500 words is a pain when it’s not suppose to be. this is suppose to be easy. GAHHHH! omgomgomgomgomgomg 2 and a half weeks to cover everything? it’s a feat. its possible, right? i mean, totally do-able. right? i should have used up my 2 week break more wisely. regrets, regrets and more regrets. i wanna go home. now. i’m sick and i feel so crappy. all i want now is some unconditional TLC. i can’t wait to play the black and whites and the other two thingamajigs. i miss the fam. i miss my cats. i miss home. i am pathetic. i know that 1 month is not that long of a time. but still, ugh. but then again, i really can’t wait for next semester. new subs whoo! and im learning spanish 🙂 and probably latin or music. and oh, i haven’t seen you for the longest time. okay, so it’s just a month. but still. hell yeah, status: pathetico ultimato. a marble cheesecake from secret recipe would certainly make my day now. and a teh tarik pretty please?

i hate you mr. procrastination. really, i do.


whoa, i got my geek glasses on

flare is done for the year! wootwoot!

had an awesome experience dancing and doing the production
never in my pink lump of mush did i ever thought i could this

but i did 🙂

next up, a musical hahaha

starting from tomorrow, i shall be geeking out at all times until the 25th of nov
goodbye social life

i will miss you
especially the late-night sessions

and the belly laughter



so tomorrow’s the “big” day for the dance production
it’s officially showtime yo
hell yeah!
excited and jumping out of socks like mad?
but, what else can i say?
break a leg. blow them away. let it rip.

that applies to you too (you know who you are)

the bed awaits thee. nitenite 🙂

really, don’t bother.

i don’t know what caused it or why i’m feeling this way, it’s just that things (or me) just seemed a lil bit down in the dumps. yeayeah, you don’t have to give me that talk about counting my blessings and all, i know. i know i should be thankful for what i have now. and i do okay. it’s just that i’m depressed and stressed. i don’t feel uppity upup as i usually do. not hyper as i usually am. i still laugh and ladeeda, but i just don’t feel like myself (i sound like a crazed melancholic eh?). the weather is so not helping me either (rain, rain go away, come again like in a month can ah?) .like today. the only thing that made me happy was when the 2 stooges came over to my place and we ate dinner together. during rehearsal, one girl said, “nice dancing” and i kinda smirked (which was so not nice of me and i feel very bad doing it, really i do) but i did say thank you. and another girl tried to be “friendly” with me (well, i think she was), and i “smiled” but didn’t even look her in the eye. that’s not me. i don’t usually do that. *sighs* there’s way too much negative energy surrounding me now and it’s not doing me any good.ish.

i need a good long date with the black and whites. seriously. 😦

someone please captivate me already.

bah humbug!

virgo ooh la la

hor·o·scope [ háwrə skop ] (plural hor·o·scopes)



1. astrological forecast: an astrologer’s description of the personality and future of a person based on the position of the planets in relation to the sign of the zodiac under which the person was born

2. diagram of planetary relationship: the positions of the stars or planets relative to each another at a specific moment, especially the time of somebody’s birth, or a diagram of these positions

horoscopes, i don’t know why, but i would check them everyday, and re-check them again the next day just to see how accurate it would really be for the day before. most of the time it won’t be of course. but its the accuracy of the small percentage of the time that makes me wanting to check it even more. what lah

tomorrow’s horoscope for yours truly (with comments)

People will pay attention to you (oh really? what about just one particular person’s attention? like a filthy rich millionaire’s son who’s sweet, smart, makes me laugh, plays the guitar, write songs and all that romantic shiz? haha where got exist one), because the Gemini moon will help bring out your leadership qualities (tipuuuuu, i have no leadership qualities whatsoever, im disorganised, my living room’s a mess, my brain’s a mess, and the list goes on and on and on in a disorganised, messy type of way. ’nuff said). Mercury and Saturn getting together will also make you very realistic (hmm, i need that). The trick will be to avoid allowing your practical viewpoints to become more of a buzz kill. The Sun and Jupiter will help you feel more hopeful, so tap into their energy when you’re talking with friends tonight (i would definitely need that too, since, thisissuchaboringweekithinkilldieofboredomgah!).

to the bed and beyond.
buenas noches 🙂

greased lightnin’

so spring break is over. SIGHS 😦
and it was 99% pleasure and 1% studies.
that 1% should be a wee bit higher (or maybe a lot). oh well

ze zpring break blooms:
1. i. feel. overindulged. (open house spree woot!)
2. after much “careful” calculations (during physio class), i have to do a min 4 lectures per day, starting today, to be able to finish EVERYTHING.
3. am putting the geek hat on for at least two months! [please refer to point 2]. so no fb-ing/blogging/twitter-ing/perkara-yang-sewaktu-dengannya for awhile (or just really minimal?:P)
4. tickets for malaysiatanahairkuterchenta have been booked 🙂
5. so to be able to really appreciate point numero quatro, points dos and tres must be done very very very efficiently and maximised kuasa infinity.

and to you,
i know that we’re just friends as of now
and if you like me, well lucky you 🙂
but if you don’t, well lucky me

got that hun?