sewing bee on patrol

mood: happy
mode: hungry
song: showtime-nelly furtado

some random-a-thangs:

1. dancesport ball was awesome. actually, awesome is an understatement :)) definitely coming next year! we were dancing to 80s songs like grease lightning, the way you make me feel by MJ (RIP), doing the hustle, rock and roll and the chicken dance. i OD’d on soda and fun πŸ™‚ (oh and the gig was pretty darn good too!)
2. i got my birthday card from my auntie after almost a month (okay, so it has to travel more than halfway around the world, still?)
3. love is in the air (people pairing up, having spring flings except for me haha) but spring is so not in the air. the weather has been sucky. cold, windy (the type that gets you blown away for all the wrong reasons) and rainy. it’s like autumn again 😦 apa ni?
4. ate delicious nasi ayam yay! credits to kamy for making it for her open house. met just a few new friends, really hard to maneouvre around the house with food AND socialise at the same time lah (there were tons of people alasan)
5. my exam timetable was o-kay till i realised there was a clash. aiyo. but the good thing is im finishing 2 days earlier! that’s a whole 48 hours! πŸ™‚
6. ive not been sticking to my plan to catch up last week. ish. in serious need of buckling up.
7. went for one of the sketch comedies of the melbourne fringe festival. and what did we think?
1: it was, well interesting. i liked the part where these brit actors tryna act like blacks (and probably only that part)
2: im glad i didn’t pay for it (LOL)
and on the way back, we were stuck sitting in a tram full of alternative people (if you know what i mean ?) who were making out like nobody’s business (okay, there were only two couples doing that, but still, come on) and to top it off, these are budaks.
8. production is in merely 3 weeks! :O still have to work on half splits, up ups, and making big movements, and oh finding me groove. panicpanicpanic.
9. am going back in 2 months! whoo πŸ™‚ but tickets aren’t booked yet.
10. making costumes today for production. sewing. this will be interesting.
i should be studying now but ive been hearing crickets on this blog. (once again procrastination wins)

later people πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “sewing bee on patrol

  1. you know i found this one year ago from ateqs'.. tpi sbb x kenal sgt time tu…

    tpi jumpe balik. hahaha. im soo gonna stalk you. *evil grins* >< no lah..subscribe je. add to another distraction =) -anna


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