numero 1oo

hello there, my lovelies 🙂

yes, i’m still alive, mind you
its the hollieeeessss!
and oh *ehem*,

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir and Batin
hope it will be a great one for all of you this year! 🙂

raya ‘o9

can’t believe this is my second time celebrating raya here (and will be for the next two years at least!). the raya celeb was well, raya-ing in melbourne as it is.
no ketupat lights hanging on the street lights, no grandma’s cooking, no trying to make a badak berendam look like a badak rendaming instead of a snake, no bunga api-ing with the cuzzy wuzzies morning-noon-night, no duit raya (:P), no getting up early and eating rendang and lemang with the family, but it was nice 🙂

met (and caught up) with a lot of friends which i haven’t seen in ages. and i’m with my melbourne lovelies (what more can you ask for, being in a foreign place on raya, right?) i personally think the celeb was better than last year. more food (ada satay!), more spacious and more meriah. and i finally said hi to my old school mate but, he didn’t remember me (maybe because i didn’t have my geeky glasses on?).

and oh, to you (eventhough you’ll not read this blog in a million years), i think you look really good in your creme baju melayu 🙂

after we got back, we went to the park, with a BOOST in hand, music plugged in our lump of pink stuff, shades on. lying on the grass in the hot oz sun.
pure bliss *sighs*


I’m 21! One of the may-jah turning points in life, blablabla. Definitely no more teens and I shall now go ahead and become that responsible adult. but this adult still ooh-s and aah-s and melts when watching disney classics like aladdin and the lion king. How lah?

The birthday celebration was intimate and sweet, surrounded by the melbourne lovelies, eating a metre long pizza, freddo’s ice cream for dessert, watching ‘UP’ for free (thankyouhoytsyouareawesome :P) and a brazilian dance party to finish with. But the best part I must say, was when ateqs gave me a blue metallic envelope. Usually if anyone gives you an envelope, its definitely gonna be money, right? so i asked her, “you gave me money for my birthday eh?” but it was even better! It was a beautiful birthday card with one of the sweetest messages yet and and and A TICKET TO GO SEE JEFF DUNHAM!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.

Now don’t go, “who’s this jeff dunham lah?”

“SILENCE! I keeeeel you!”

Does that ring any ting-a-ling-a-lings in the noggin’?

Where have you been? Under a coconut shell eh?

He is one of the awesome-est-est comedian/ventriloquist ever walked the earth! (dramatic bukan? but true nevertheless)
Here’s just a drop of his awesome-ness 🙂 you’ll thank me later

i can’t wait!! do you know what this means? see that rambler’s to-do list on the side? i can actually cross off ‘see jeff dunham before he retires’ AND ‘buy a peanut doll’ 🙂 oh happy is me *BIG GRIN*

thank you ateqs. seriously, one of the best birthday gifts ever! (yes, this is the umpteenth time tapi who’s counting? :P)
and the movie ‘UP’ is pretty darn awesome lah. i salute you, pixar! touching, yet very very very amusing at the same time. i loike 🙂
last up, the 3 stooges will be going to a ball! 3 course meal, progressive dancing (woohoo) and the best part, we get to perform. woot!(what have i gotten myself into, again?)
now we just have to find our smexy soul somewhere in there and let it ou-wuuutttt (roger that, okay?) and cross every finger available on this planet earth that we don’t drop/fall/slip.heh.

that’s it for now. more later.
here’s a clip i found online. goosebumps. everywhere.

on cloud 9,


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