ahora despierte de ese sueño el suyo

Hey you
Here’s me looking right at you
Now why don’t you just look back
And take a chance on me, what the heck?

I heard about you some while ago,
Didn’t really thought much of you then,
But somehow the tables turned one rainy day,
And I find myself head over heels ever since.

It’s kinda hard to watch from afar
You standing there smiling at her,
But what can I do, cause i’m invincible to you
Now tell me, what do I have to do to make you look right here?

Can’t you see?
I’m wearing it right on my sleeve
It’s been awhile since I took it out
A lil bit torn and crippled, but this time I’ll save the doubt

I know i’m not that kind of girl
You used to date
But wouldn’t it be such a bore
If I was like every flower in that crate?

So what are you waiting for,
come here and give a piece,
I’ll bake you cookies and even more,
Who knows what you’re gonna miss 🙂



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