remote please?

did someone just clicked the “fast forward” button on the remote?

cause things are moving faster than usual nowadays,
which i guess normally happens when you want the days just to go by slower.
come to think of it, wouldn’t it be sangat “useful” to have one of those?
say, you just want this particular someone to just. stop. talking. you mute him/her *evil grin*
or you want to have that extra portion of ice cream from freddo’s, you click the pause button, scoop up as much as u want of fruitti de bosco/cookies and cream/roche and press play and cepat-cepat give the money and lari. voila!
or you want to see the sunset by the beach again and again on those kind of days, click rewind and play 🙂
or you just wanna be a little closer to dot dot dot. click pause and zoom zoom zoooom
or even better, a remote control that has photoshop!
imagine, you can erase away your giant zit right smack at the middle of your nose, make your hair look shampoo-commercial-girl-ish and face flawless, no makeup needed whatsoever (BIG PLUS), change your outfit with a few clicks of the remote, bla bla bla.
okay, i shall stop now.
obviously, this part of the post is just me rambling as usual 😛
i don’t want this week to end (yet), still haven’t prepared myself for the crazybunga week ahead of me-pracs, tutes, reports, testsssss.
and oh, i sooooo think the uni is having fun screwing with our heads like this lah. SO BAD.

rambler out,



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