sewing bee on patrol

mood: happy
mode: hungry
song: showtime-nelly furtado

some random-a-thangs:

1. dancesport ball was awesome. actually, awesome is an understatement :)) definitely coming next year! we were dancing to 80s songs like grease lightning, the way you make me feel by MJ (RIP), doing the hustle, rock and roll and the chicken dance. i OD’d on soda and fun 🙂 (oh and the gig was pretty darn good too!)
2. i got my birthday card from my auntie after almost a month (okay, so it has to travel more than halfway around the world, still?)
3. love is in the air (people pairing up, having spring flings except for me haha) but spring is so not in the air. the weather has been sucky. cold, windy (the type that gets you blown away for all the wrong reasons) and rainy. it’s like autumn again 😦 apa ni?
4. ate delicious nasi ayam yay! credits to kamy for making it for her open house. met just a few new friends, really hard to maneouvre around the house with food AND socialise at the same time lah (there were tons of people alasan)
5. my exam timetable was o-kay till i realised there was a clash. aiyo. but the good thing is im finishing 2 days earlier! that’s a whole 48 hours! 🙂
6. ive not been sticking to my plan to catch up last week. ish. in serious need of buckling up.
7. went for one of the sketch comedies of the melbourne fringe festival. and what did we think?
1: it was, well interesting. i liked the part where these brit actors tryna act like blacks (and probably only that part)
2: im glad i didn’t pay for it (LOL)
and on the way back, we were stuck sitting in a tram full of alternative people (if you know what i mean ?) who were making out like nobody’s business (okay, there were only two couples doing that, but still, come on) and to top it off, these are budaks.
8. production is in merely 3 weeks! :O still have to work on half splits, up ups, and making big movements, and oh finding me groove. panicpanicpanic.
9. am going back in 2 months! whoo 🙂 but tickets aren’t booked yet.
10. making costumes today for production. sewing. this will be interesting.
i should be studying now but ive been hearing crickets on this blog. (once again procrastination wins)

later people 🙂


of course it’s not

So it’s over
He’s with someone else and you know her
And you just can get any lower
You sit in the dark alone
Won’t answer your phone
Well i’m sorry. I wont attend your pity party
I rather go have calamari
And maybe a drink
And yes I think
You should come with me

Life isnt long
There will be pain but life goes on
With everyday a brand new song
But if you rather stay at home
Let me do you a favor

I’ll ask the sun to shine away from you today so you can cry
(if that’s what you want alright)
And I’ll ask the clouds to bring the rain for you today so you can cry
(if that’s what you want alright)
ooooo If that’s what you want alright

Im a Lover
And the pain of a heart from another
Can be difficult to recover
Yes this I know
But difficult isn’t impossible
And you shiver (Shiver)
He was your warmth
You Cry Lips Quiver
Well honey go on cry me a river
You wanna be down (you wanna be down)
Fine let me help you out
How bout

I’ll ask the sun to shine away from you today so you can cry
(if that’s what you want alright)
And I’ll ask the clouds to bring the rain for you today so you can cry
(if that’s what you want alright)
ooooo If that’s what you want alright
Then if thats what you want alright

And your tears won’t bring him back
I know you wish that it did
But it just don’t work like that
Ooo I know that healing takes time
Hey even your heart has a pace
Ooo but how much time are you gonna take
Mmm too much will be a mistake

I’ll ask the sun to shine away from you today so you can cry
(if that’s what you want alright)
And I’ll ask the clouds to bring the rain for you today so you can cry


numero 1oo

hello there, my lovelies 🙂

yes, i’m still alive, mind you
its the hollieeeessss!
and oh *ehem*,

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir and Batin
hope it will be a great one for all of you this year! 🙂

raya ‘o9

can’t believe this is my second time celebrating raya here (and will be for the next two years at least!). the raya celeb was well, raya-ing in melbourne as it is.
no ketupat lights hanging on the street lights, no grandma’s cooking, no trying to make a badak berendam look like a badak rendaming instead of a snake, no bunga api-ing with the cuzzy wuzzies morning-noon-night, no duit raya (:P), no getting up early and eating rendang and lemang with the family, but it was nice 🙂

met (and caught up) with a lot of friends which i haven’t seen in ages. and i’m with my melbourne lovelies (what more can you ask for, being in a foreign place on raya, right?) i personally think the celeb was better than last year. more food (ada satay!), more spacious and more meriah. and i finally said hi to my old school mate but, he didn’t remember me (maybe because i didn’t have my geeky glasses on?).

and oh, to you (eventhough you’ll not read this blog in a million years), i think you look really good in your creme baju melayu 🙂

after we got back, we went to the park, with a BOOST in hand, music plugged in our lump of pink stuff, shades on. lying on the grass in the hot oz sun.
pure bliss *sighs*


I’m 21! One of the may-jah turning points in life, blablabla. Definitely no more teens and I shall now go ahead and become that responsible adult. but this adult still ooh-s and aah-s and melts when watching disney classics like aladdin and the lion king. How lah?

The birthday celebration was intimate and sweet, surrounded by the melbourne lovelies, eating a metre long pizza, freddo’s ice cream for dessert, watching ‘UP’ for free (thankyouhoytsyouareawesome :P) and a brazilian dance party to finish with. But the best part I must say, was when ateqs gave me a blue metallic envelope. Usually if anyone gives you an envelope, its definitely gonna be money, right? so i asked her, “you gave me money for my birthday eh?” but it was even better! It was a beautiful birthday card with one of the sweetest messages yet and and and A TICKET TO GO SEE JEFF DUNHAM!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.

Now don’t go, “who’s this jeff dunham lah?”

“SILENCE! I keeeeel you!”

Does that ring any ting-a-ling-a-lings in the noggin’?

Where have you been? Under a coconut shell eh?

He is one of the awesome-est-est comedian/ventriloquist ever walked the earth! (dramatic bukan? but true nevertheless)
Here’s just a drop of his awesome-ness 🙂 you’ll thank me later

i can’t wait!! do you know what this means? see that rambler’s to-do list on the side? i can actually cross off ‘see jeff dunham before he retires’ AND ‘buy a peanut doll’ 🙂 oh happy is me *BIG GRIN*

thank you ateqs. seriously, one of the best birthday gifts ever! (yes, this is the umpteenth time tapi who’s counting? :P)
and the movie ‘UP’ is pretty darn awesome lah. i salute you, pixar! touching, yet very very very amusing at the same time. i loike 🙂
last up, the 3 stooges will be going to a ball! 3 course meal, progressive dancing (woohoo) and the best part, we get to perform. woot!(what have i gotten myself into, again?)
now we just have to find our smexy soul somewhere in there and let it ou-wuuutttt (roger that, okay?) and cross every finger available on this planet earth that we don’t drop/fall/slip.heh.

that’s it for now. more later.
here’s a clip i found online. goosebumps. everywhere.

on cloud 9,

ahora despierte de ese sueño el suyo

Hey you
Here’s me looking right at you
Now why don’t you just look back
And take a chance on me, what the heck?

I heard about you some while ago,
Didn’t really thought much of you then,
But somehow the tables turned one rainy day,
And I find myself head over heels ever since.

It’s kinda hard to watch from afar
You standing there smiling at her,
But what can I do, cause i’m invincible to you
Now tell me, what do I have to do to make you look right here?

Can’t you see?
I’m wearing it right on my sleeve
It’s been awhile since I took it out
A lil bit torn and crippled, but this time I’ll save the doubt

I know i’m not that kind of girl
You used to date
But wouldn’t it be such a bore
If I was like every flower in that crate?

So what are you waiting for,
come here and give a piece,
I’ll bake you cookies and even more,
Who knows what you’re gonna miss 🙂