your heart strings

who knew a reality tv show (of all things) could give you a mini epiphany?
i was watching sytycd (someone has to seriously change the name of this show lah-too.long.)
trying to find some inspiration/incentive/”semangat” for the next review and all
seeing all these people dance and listening to all the critics that the judges gave
it’s really amazing that just after being criticized like crazy, they could just get on with the next routine and do it even better
this brings me back to the last review,

no, there weren’t actually judges. just, a lot of people around, watching your every move.
it made me feel a wee bit uncomfortable. okay, a LOT.
to say in one simple word, i felt intimidated.
and consequentially, i didn’t give it my best and so, being the wacky perfectionist that i am,
i stuck a rain cloud above my head and let the rain pour and the storm brew on top of it.
not my proudest moment. period.

but then again, i am a beginner. it takes practice. you just don’t breeze through it and hope to be the prima ballerina the next minute. and it’s not one of those, ‘if you got it, you got it’ kinda things. this goes the same thing with everything,
just can’t expect everything to be right the first time kan?

okay, that was the long winded topsy turvy intro, which has nothing to do with my mini epiphany 🙂
back to the show,
this couple was criticized pretty bad at the 1st routine but nailed it in the 2nd routine
the performance portrays a woman battling cancer
and oy, it was beautiful :,)

the moves, the emotions, the aura and everything. it gave me goosebumps all over.
and being a girly girl that i am, i got teary-eyed.
it was not just me, the judges and mostly everyone there was teary-eyed. they were struggling through their comments on how extremely emotionally powerful the routine was. and how they got the message.
they heard the words of that message without the words.
it was breathtaking.

and this made me wonder, (and i don’t care if you think this is stupid)

could i ever do something that pulled people’s heart strings like that?




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