ok so i lied

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a very delayed post–

chapter #27911: starting a new semester especially after a well needed one month break is no question stressful/a bore after a while/can’t-wait-till-next-hollies/assignments galore but then again, it’s always great to meet your other halves (you know who you are) and even new ones (total friends made this semester so far: 3). not to mention, new subjects! yay! even more brain mush. i am so thrilled, im jumping out of my socks. but, being the true geek that i really am, i’m enjoying the subs so far. this semester is going to be a heavy one though. 4 core subs. *groans*

okay, now i can’t wait for summer. 3 more months++ je.

social butterfly, you say: you know how when you’re entering a lecture, then trying to find a seat next to familiar face but then you just can’t find them? instead you go and sit next to friendlier-ish face. clock ticks. you sort of try to make eye contact to say “hey! im ! ” but then, they just won’t make eye contact? so okay, is this shy or just freakin’ judgmental?

winter break: WAS AWEFREAKINGSOME!! yes i ate all i-can-eat (which also comes with all-you-can-gain-pounds :S). met up with some old school friends. made my favourite kuih (badak berendam) with my granma (okay, technically i just mould it into shape of badak rendaming- they looked more like water dinosaurs tho). ate manggis to my heart’s content *sighs*. hanging out at the mamak (teh ais bungkus me likee). got a KITTEN :)))). his name is MJ and he’s the cutest gray fluffy kitten in the whole wide world! his eyes were blue-ish grey and now its turning to green. then, few days after i left, my mom decided to get another kitten. heh. the food chain in my house is now complete. fish, chickens (no, really, chicken/ayam/pollo/kip), one lonely turtle and kittens.

random stuff:
1. ever heard of the word ‘sprung’ in songs? especially those yo-yo hip-hoppity songs?well according to the urban dictionary, it means ‘attracted to’. told you this is random.
2. watched inkheart, knowing, the mummy3 and monsters vs. aliens. yeah, i know im waaaay behind schedule. inkheart starring brendan fraser was about a certain type of people who, when they read out loud, the story comes to life. it was alright, 7/10. knowing, starring nicholas cage started of really promising, then , at the end, they messed it up with a bunch of aliens celebrating the kids to go on some ship to a new world. oh wait, i think i just told you the ending :P. mummy 3 was like all the other mummy movies. ’nuff said.
3. i went salsa-ing with the two other stooges today. loved it to the core.
4. ever tried translating english songs into malay? try it. it’s hilarious.
5. “lady gaga is out with a new album!”, says the sister. people, is that true?

signing out,


p/s: willuploadpicssoon 🙂


One thought on “ok so i lied

  1. Assalamualaikum wbrt
    saya amat merindui anda!!!!
    when can we meeeeeeeeeettt??
    kelly tcare tau..doakan kita sama2 cemerlang gemilang terbilang.. muahxx
    luv ya!! #_#
    Salam Ramadhan!!
    maaf zahir batin


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