here’s my attempt at being “creative” 😛

sick: yeah, im down with the flu (not swine flu, mind you). but im getting better :). i so don’t want to be quarantined as soon as i touch down in msia in a few weeks, plus exams are coming up! in 2 days! *time to press panic button*

exams: is in 2 days!!! my first paper is bio and i must/kene/perlu get a good grade. its not kiasu-ness, its just that almost everything is a repeat of a levels. ’nuff said.

coat: ah, the hunt for the perfect coat (the never never never ending quest).not. doing. good. maybe i should stop being so picky and just grab the first one i see which i like. winter is coming. no wait, it’s here. ugh.

movies: there are soooooooooo many movies that i want to watch. tak sabar nak balik to cetak rompak heaven 😛

home: so close yet so far. okay, not that far 3 weeks! i miss it too much already. the smell, my mom’s little hutan a.k.a garden outside, the chickens, the piano, MY ROOM, astro, and most importantly, those 3 “dysfuntional” people that i can’t live without 🙂

soulmate: just a thought, soulmates don’t exactly have to be ‘the one’ right? they can perfectly be your friends, bukan?

crush: lost case. period.

mushroom: mushroom is a funny word eh? mush-room, mushy room. okay, not the point. the point is, i am totally liking raw mushrooms as a late-night snack. try it!

gabe: gabe bondoc that is. my fav youtube star. FULL STOP. this dude has talent and the most soothing voice ever! was youtubing a few days ago, and its been awhile since i youtubed him. he came up with new vids featuring disney songs *cue for awwwwww*. and oh, he wears geeky glasses now. here, ladies and gentlemen, is my ideal boyfriend thankyouverymuch. hahaha

dragging brain back to reality,



2 thoughts on “crosswords

  1. hahahahahaha, the babi terbang looks exactly how I pictured it. And fret ye not, the elusive winter coat WILL be found.

    God. I can't wait for exams to be over 😦 and then we can go coat-hunting!


  2. hahahhaa
    its cute 🙂
    yeah, im approaching this coat hunting quest from a whole new perspective:
    numero uno: TRY.IT.ON.
    numero dos: stop being picky
    numero tres: trust your other 2 stooges 😛

    i know. can't wait to pig out (haha 'pig out' get it?) and meronggeng till the dawn to break to dawn !


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