karma just bit me in the arse


1. all the contents of my ipod were erased yesterday. i repeat, EVERYTHING.i got my music back but i lost my pretty pictures and album artwork and videos!! 😦 sorry house, betty and you gossip girl lot. the thing is, i DID eject my ipod properly and yet, everythings gone gone gone. oh sedih.

2. right after the-omg-my-ipod-dah-kosong moment, my phone charger kapot. rosak. and no, it can’t be fixed. someone buy me a new one please? *sobs*

3. and after frantically trying to fix the charger again and again (eventhough i knew there was no hope it would be okay again), my watch strap broke. and here’s when i look up and go, “haha, you’re kidding, right?”.

these ‘series of unfortunate events’ as i quote ateqs, happened in less than an hour. ugh.
what lah. and the morning-till-evening-hunt for a winter coat pun was bleaarghhh :S

so yeah, my friday sucked. BIG TIME.
’nuff said.

something good must get out of this kan?

ramble later,



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