currently listening to: champagnekroniknightcap by solange knowles

my very first gig is tomorrow. i repeat, tomorrow.
shaken? oh yes.
scared shitless? yes, yes and yes :S
and having a wardrobe malfunction is not helping at all 😦
note to self: get black pants that won’t fall of my butt
here’s when i hear my mom saying, “itulah, siape suruh wait last minute”
i knew that this is going to happen, but yet again, i still wait for the last minute.
i guess i thrive on drama, perhaps?
please, please pleaaaase don’t let me trip tomorrow and fall flat on my face. pretty please?
im collecting all the rabbit’s foot, horseshoe thingy, four leaf clovers and everything that brings me luck (or so i think they would) for tomorrow.
donations are most welcomed 🙂
there’s your dose of kellybeinglamelicious before i fall flat on my face tomorrow night and lock myself in my room and die of embarrassment..

okay, okayyyy
i shouldn’t say that.
tarik balik.

*fingers crossed*

ramble later,



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