friends with benefits (the other kind)

ok, looking back on my 2 last posts, not very looking-at-the-glass-half-full-ish kan?
what lah you, kelly *slaps brain*

anyways, im back to kelly-ish mode yo!(along with the lame-ness :P)
ateqs, loges and i were casted into a dance production for lyrical hiphop *clapclap*
okay, so everyone who tried out for it did get in, BUT BUTTY BUT BUT he singled us out and said “keep it up” after the 2nd try that is, since the 1st try was “life-less” and he NODDED! TWICE okay?he so did not nod for the other people. i repeat NO NODDING FOR OTHER PEOPLE. so yay for us! 😀

come to think of it, its funny how close we are (ateqs-me-loges)and yet we are still getting to know each other. we even have mini projects planned for every single week which basically involves a combi of food-dance-studies which i think is very balanced kan kan? 🙂
im even going to the library on sundays and also, at night to study. so not me.
i never ever ever can get anything done in the library until now.
deez eez beeg beeg impwoofment
! *pats head*
i sleep at the latest at 1 am and wake up at a reasonably early time of the day (not after 12pm no more). so not me yet again.
my mom calls us the 3 stooges, which fits us a lil bit too well but i loike 🙂

i have 2 lab reports, 1 concert report (hmm, this feels like deja vu all over again, no?)
and just one more prac to do and it would be the exam ho-down *ugh*
then balik 🙂

ooohh...this is my makan-list by the way :
1. nasi goreng ayam darul ehsan with carrot susu on the side
2. tauhu bakar
3. rojak mamak
4. burger ramlee ayam special tepi jalan sec 11
5. roti canai and dhal from atuk india
6. nasi ayam azira’s
7. curry laksa
8. nenek’s ayam masak cili api
9. nenek’s badak berendam (its a type of kuih)
10. tempe tempe tempe
11. “teh ais satu, kurang manis, ikat tepi!

okay, thats it la. so far, but more to come 😛

ramble later,


p/s: 10 weeks and counting. its amazing how u cant meet a person in more than 2 months! but yet study in the same uni. oh well, does not matter any more pun. life goes on la kan?


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