tell me.

how would you know,

if the person you give a damn about gives a damn about you?
if the person you’re liking even cares about your existence?
if what you’re doing now really is what you’re meant to do?
if people don’t like you, like they say they do?
when what you’re doing is just not enough to be of any significance, even the slightest bit?
when you should just stop caring?
when you should just back off?
when you should just… move on?

it’s funny when you think you’ve met someone who you have so much chemistry with (generally speaking, that is) and yet that perception could just change in a split of a second.
you thought you were close.
you thought you were going to be friends forever.
you thought that they do care about you as much as you do.
la sangat.
there’s no such thing as in forever. not that i have seen.
people come and go, itu i know
tapi how come takde yang nak stay for just a lil bit longer?
penat lah, “pouring out my heart” to every single person i think would care.
and filling it up all over again for the next person i meet.

giving a damn to those who do give a damn,



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