up, down, wash and repeat

its been awhile huh?

well anyways,
you know how things seem to look up for just that one teeny-eensy split of a second (okay, yes im exaggerating a bit, as usual) and then slowly, everything seems to start crumbling and shaking?
i got that. this week.
for the very first time, this year, i felt i was doing something so right. what you ask?
haha i know, i was surprised at first but honestly, dancing has been one of the best decisions i’ve made so far.
if you’re wondering, no, im not any prima ballerina or a hiphop star but its just enough to slap a smile to my face every single time (even if, im sore all over).
now i wonder, what took me so long?
i even gathered up the “courage” to get into casting yesterday which yeah, i didn’t get in 😦 and eventho she said, “there were too many good people” i still felt like she said, “there were too many good people, oh except for you kelly . haha, here’s when i think too much.
but come to think of it, i did try and *whoa* me dancing in front of people is a BIG BIG BIG feat (something i won’t even dare to do dulu).
so..here comes the wash an repeat part.
let it go and just go try again.
getting my arse up hasnt been the easiest thing but hey, suck it up yo!
maybe i wasn’t even ready pun. my friend, Y, told me ,” you’re holding back”.
and yeah, i guess i was.

so next step, STOP HOLDING BACK.
baby steps, kelly. baby steps.

no need for rushing
to chase the world thats turning
cause what you want would be waiting
will be there if you just keep on wishing

ramble later,



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