karma just bit me in the arse


1. all the contents of my ipod were erased yesterday. i repeat, EVERYTHING.i got my music back but i lost my pretty pictures and album artwork and videos!! 😦 sorry house, betty and you gossip girl lot. the thing is, i DID eject my ipod properly and yet, everythings gone gone gone. oh sedih.

2. right after the-omg-my-ipod-dah-kosong moment, my phone charger kapot. rosak. and no, it can’t be fixed. someone buy me a new one please? *sobs*

3. and after frantically trying to fix the charger again and again (eventhough i knew there was no hope it would be okay again), my watch strap broke. and here’s when i look up and go, “haha, you’re kidding, right?”.

these ‘series of unfortunate events’ as i quote ateqs, happened in less than an hour. ugh.
what lah. and the morning-till-evening-hunt for a winter coat pun was bleaarghhh :S

so yeah, my friday sucked. BIG TIME.
’nuff said.

something good must get out of this kan?

ramble later,




currently listening to: champagnekroniknightcap by solange knowles

my very first gig is tomorrow. i repeat, tomorrow.
shaken? oh yes.
scared shitless? yes, yes and yes :S
and having a wardrobe malfunction is not helping at all 😦
note to self: get black pants that won’t fall of my butt
here’s when i hear my mom saying, “itulah, siape suruh wait last minute”
i knew that this is going to happen, but yet again, i still wait for the last minute.
i guess i thrive on drama, perhaps?
please, please pleaaaase don’t let me trip tomorrow and fall flat on my face. pretty please?
im collecting all the rabbit’s foot, horseshoe thingy, four leaf clovers and everything that brings me luck (or so i think they would) for tomorrow.
donations are most welcomed 🙂
there’s your dose of kellybeinglamelicious before i fall flat on my face tomorrow night and lock myself in my room and die of embarrassment..

okay, okayyyy
i shouldn’t say that.
tarik balik.

*fingers crossed*

ramble later,


friends with benefits (the other kind)

ok, looking back on my 2 last posts, not very looking-at-the-glass-half-full-ish kan?
what lah you, kelly *slaps brain*

anyways, im back to kelly-ish mode yo!(along with the lame-ness :P)
ateqs, loges and i were casted into a dance production for lyrical hiphop *clapclap*
okay, so everyone who tried out for it did get in, BUT BUTTY BUT BUT he singled us out and said “keep it up” after the 2nd try that is, since the 1st try was “life-less” and he NODDED! TWICE okay?he so did not nod for the other people. i repeat NO NODDING FOR OTHER PEOPLE. so yay for us! 😀

come to think of it, its funny how close we are (ateqs-me-loges)and yet we are still getting to know each other. we even have mini projects planned for every single week which basically involves a combi of food-dance-studies which i think is very balanced kan kan? 🙂
im even going to the library on sundays and also, at night to study. so not me.
i never ever ever can get anything done in the library until now.
deez eez beeg beeg impwoofment
! *pats head*
i sleep at the latest at 1 am and wake up at a reasonably early time of the day (not after 12pm no more). so not me yet again.
my mom calls us the 3 stooges, which fits us a lil bit too well but i loike 🙂

i have 2 lab reports, 1 concert report (hmm, this feels like deja vu all over again, no?)
and just one more prac to do and it would be the exam ho-down *ugh*
then balik 🙂

ooohh...this is my makan-list by the way :
1. nasi goreng ayam darul ehsan with carrot susu on the side
2. tauhu bakar
3. rojak mamak
4. burger ramlee ayam special tepi jalan sec 11
5. roti canai and dhal from atuk india
6. nasi ayam azira’s
7. curry laksa
8. nenek’s ayam masak cili api
9. nenek’s badak berendam (its a type of kuih)
10. tempe tempe tempe
11. “teh ais satu, kurang manis, ikat tepi!

okay, thats it la. so far, but more to come 😛

ramble later,


p/s: 10 weeks and counting. its amazing how u cant meet a person in more than 2 months! but yet study in the same uni. oh well, does not matter any more pun. life goes on la kan?

tell me.

how would you know,

if the person you give a damn about gives a damn about you?
if the person you’re liking even cares about your existence?
if what you’re doing now really is what you’re meant to do?
if people don’t like you, like they say they do?
when what you’re doing is just not enough to be of any significance, even the slightest bit?
when you should just stop caring?
when you should just back off?
when you should just… move on?

it’s funny when you think you’ve met someone who you have so much chemistry with (generally speaking, that is) and yet that perception could just change in a split of a second.
you thought you were close.
you thought you were going to be friends forever.
you thought that they do care about you as much as you do.
la sangat.
there’s no such thing as in forever. not that i have seen.
people come and go, itu i know
tapi how come takde yang nak stay for just a lil bit longer?
penat lah, “pouring out my heart” to every single person i think would care.
and filling it up all over again for the next person i meet.

giving a damn to those who do give a damn,


up, down, wash and repeat

its been awhile huh?

well anyways,
you know how things seem to look up for just that one teeny-eensy split of a second (okay, yes im exaggerating a bit, as usual) and then slowly, everything seems to start crumbling and shaking?
i got that. this week.
for the very first time, this year, i felt i was doing something so right. what you ask?
haha i know, i was surprised at first but honestly, dancing has been one of the best decisions i’ve made so far.
if you’re wondering, no, im not any prima ballerina or a hiphop star but its just enough to slap a smile to my face every single time (even if, im sore all over).
now i wonder, what took me so long?
i even gathered up the “courage” to get into casting yesterday which yeah, i didn’t get in 😦 and eventho she said, “there were too many good people” i still felt like she said, “there were too many good people, oh except for you kelly . haha, here’s when i think too much.
but come to think of it, i did try and *whoa* me dancing in front of people is a BIG BIG BIG feat (something i won’t even dare to do dulu).
so..here comes the wash an repeat part.
let it go and just go try again.
getting my arse up hasnt been the easiest thing but hey, suck it up yo!
maybe i wasn’t even ready pun. my friend, Y, told me ,” you’re holding back”.
and yeah, i guess i was.

so next step, STOP HOLDING BACK.
baby steps, kelly. baby steps.

no need for rushing
to chase the world thats turning
cause what you want would be waiting
will be there if you just keep on wishing

ramble later,