jazzy war

this is a bit of late f-y-i but just so you know my first volunteering job last Sunday was awesome!

haha i wish.
to be honest, it sucked. big time.
and the weather that day was not helping at all.
the orang atasan would only know your name if you were doing something significant, if not, you are sadly known as “the volunteers”. (its like a peep into working life lah)
ateqs and i were suppose to be doing “office” work and *poof* we were changed into runners.
what lah.
picture this,
it’s raining, cold and windy, and there you are, walking from the hotel to fed square then go run errands like buying colour pencils (which they called afterwards to say they don’t want any). patience is a virtue kan ateqs?

sucks bukan?

but then again,
something good did squeeze out of it.
one of my errands that day was to pick up these 3 jazz artists (the Mell-O-tones) from the airport.
so i popped myself in the car and the driver asked me my name,“whats your name, love?” before driving off.
the driver’s name was Alan, a Brit by birth but he is more oz than anything, having living here for 50 years already.
he turned on the radio to listen to an on-air discussion about the celebration of ANZAC day
and i was amazed at how ‘semangat’ he was agreeing to some of the points and cursing (politely of course) to some. little did i know, he was a war veteran.
haha no wonder la kan?
it gets better. he was stationed in “eepowh”.
oh yes, ipoh, perak darul ridzuan, malaysia.
and he started telling me stories about the “war” in malaysia and how bad it would have been if the japanese won while i literally tried digging up my sejarah knowledge yang oh-dah-basi.
we talked about religion and politics and me being me, said that i can’t be bothered with what’s happening back home. “too much drama” .he said i should give a damn about it (not in those words, mind you) being ‘the generation’ and after what has happened to the country all this while.
Alan reminded me a lot of Gary, random people who come walking into my life just to tell me certain things that i should know or do and then, walk back out.
fun fact of the day!:people will look at you funny when you’re holding a sign at the airport bearing some random names.
maybe because usually, it’s an old/scruffy man holding up the sign, not some geeky-looking short “filipino” with red converses on. hahaha 😛
it took awhile before the Mell-O-Tones discovered me among the lautan of people and off we went, back to the hotel. One of them had to take a cab with me since all of us couldn’t fit in the car. His name is Geoff (a fancy way of spelling “jeff”) and he plays the trumpet. I was surprised at how down-to-earth he was and how he would laugh at every silly thing i said. weird i know, but i do get that a lot (i was a clown in my past life you see, okok *lame*). and oh, his favourite restaurant in Sydney is Malaya which is apparently ‘the hangout place’ for the musicians there. cool kan? he mentioned how they would ask each other ,”have you tasted the beef sambal yet?” and he knows what assam laksa is! probably the first mat salleh ive met to have known that yo! hahaha, i find it amusing 🙂

my point is, the day did suck but i met some pretty awesome people
so, its all good 🙂

ramble later,



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