one very pointless post

don’t you just hate it when, you are there listening to the lecture, and all of a sudden, the chair your sitting on magically moves back and forth. fast. not slow tau. and doo dee doo it’s the dude at the end of the row of chairs moving his legs. *ugh*. now the lunch you had earlier is bathing in all your stomach juices and can’t wait to get out. defying gravity. geram betul.

one of my lecturer must have quit his job at national geographic and is teaching us bio instead. you know, that oh-so-very-i-know-it-all type of voice? and haha, it does not help when he’s teaching us evolution. interesting yet, somehow makes my brain lag. but he is nice lah.

i think mother nature crossed autumn off her list. it’s already damn cold, depressing, windy and depressiiinnnnngggg. oh by the way, 2 more months till pure bliss 🙂 woohoo!

i am soooo addicted to jack johnson’s- better together. a must/perlu/mesti/kena listen. or you might have listened to it already, with me being ketinggalan zaman lately 😛

made cekodok (that is how u spell it kan?) just now. oh tak jadi. and this is my third time. apa ni? kata… third time is the charm. boo!

5 days till my first volunteering job 🙂
can’t wait.

like i said, this is a very pointless post.
no, im not in my right state of mind, obviously.

will update when my brain checks back in with me okok?

it is i, who likes wasting time of thee people (yet again),


p/s: 6 minggu and counting. tolonglah.


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